MediConnect FAQ

What kind of token is MEDI?

MEDI is an SRC20 token.

Which wallets support MEDI?

The Cirrus Core wallet is the only eligible wallet for MEDI for now.

How to install the Cirrus wallet by Stratis?

1- First choose and download your adapted version here

2- Execute the file you just downloaded and start the installation
If required by your firewall, accept the internet access.
Some antivirus like Avast or AVG can detect a “false positive”, make an exception for it and continue the installation.

3- Now click on “Create a wallet” and fill the following fields :
You have to Choose your wallet name, your Password (keep it safe) and an eventual Passphrase.
Then you can click on “Create” to have your wallet done!

4- Now the important phase, your personnal wallet 12 words :
These words are the ultimate key to recover your wallet.
They can give full control of your wallet.
– Write down all the 12 words on paper that just appeared and confirm that you copied them.
– Fill the 3 required words and confirm to conclude the wallet.
Never give this 12 words or your password at anybody.
Keep them safe on paper, no numeric support that can be hacked!

Congratulations !! You have now installed your Cirrus wallet!
There is also a shortcut icon on your desktop now.
To open it just fill your wallet name and your password, enjoy!

Is there a mobile wallet for MEDI?

No, there is no mobile wallet for MEDI, the Cirrus wallet is the only eligible wallet. Which is downloadable for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Where is MediConnect based?

We are based in Nottingham London UK.

Why choose Stratis as your partner?

Stratis has a team of in-house blockchain developers and a strong track- record across a wide range of enterprise sectors.
With Stratis we have the possibility to adjust the chain to MediConnects specific needs for their platform. This was one of the main reasons to choose Stratis, next to the fact they are really awesome guys and help with every question we have!

How many tokens will be distributed to the ICO?

We are going to distribute all the ICO tokens (67% of 500.000.000). You will get the amount of tokens based on the percentage you contributed in the ICO, compared to the total amount contributed.

I have a general question/inquiry, how can i reach MEDI?

Best way to reach us is through email. [email protected].

What will be the main goal for Medi in the near future?

We are currently working on the integration of various pharmacies on our PoC platform! This would be our main goal for the near future, next to a lot of other point we are currently working on.

Will there be a new bounty?

Yes, we are going to provide a new bounty campaign soon.

I didn't fill in any wallet address after contributing to the ICO, how will I get my tokens?

We will inform everyone soon about the proces to fill in their Cirrus Core wallet address.

MediConnect Bounty FAQ

How do I register to the Bounty Program?

Sign up with your email or with your Facebook, Twitter or Discord accounts. Note that in order to participate, you need to be at least 18 years old at the moment of registration.

Complete Regestration Form

Complete the actions as listed. They are quite simple but if you have any issues just send us an e-mail to [email protected]

How do I see the actions I have taken, and how many MEDI-Tokens I have collected?

You will have full control over your actions and gained MEDI tokens during the Bounty on your profile. When the action is completed, green action price symbol changed into a blue“check mark”. MEDI tokens are added to your total score (see in left upper corner).

Where do I submit my Wallet Address?

You submit your public wallet address in your account on GLEAM. Second action from the top. You do not have to submit it straight away. You can do it until the end of the Bounty Program. We draw your attention to the fact that your wallet needs to be competible with MEDI token. A failure to do so will result in not recieving bounty rewards.

What wallets are compatible with MEDI Token?

Be aware, MEDI token runs Stratis Blockchain Platform. Therefore, ERC-20 compatible wallets do not work with MEDI Token. You may read about crypto wallets that support Stratis-based tokens and how to create them on their official website.

I registered the wrong Wallet Address, what do I do?

No problem! Just send us a email at [email protected] We will delete it for you and you’ll be able to submit your new wallet address.

How many people can I refer?

You can refer 5 users max.

I have Referred the MediConnect Bounty Program for extra MEDI-Tokens, why can I not see these tokens?

You will receive MEDI-tokens from the referral only when your friend/contact actually signs up to the Bounty Program too!

When does Bounty ends?

MediConnect’s Bounty Program end at the same time as the MediConnect Token Sale is set to finish — end of Q3, or once the bounty cap of 10,000,000 MEDI Tokens is reached.

When will I receive my tokens?

As soon as possible.

Why my total amount of earned token decreased?

The tokens are added automatically by the system right after you complete an action. Even though the system verifies actions, we moderate then once again manually. Therefore, if you didn’t full fill the requirements of the task, your action was marked as invalid and tokens were withdrawn. Please read task descriptions carefully or email us at [email protected] if you think we made a mistake.